Michael Deegan-McCree

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Michael Deegan-McCree currently serves as the Policy Analyst at The Bail Project where he holds a pivotal role in leading our legislative and policy efforts. Michael also plays the leading role in developing corporate partnerships while representing The Bail Project through media appearances to garner support for the organization’s Community Release With Support model.

Before working for The Bail Project, Michael worked at The Dream Corps, where he served as the Policy Associate for the #cut50 initiative, assisting in leading their state and federal legislative efforts. While at #cut50, Michael helped pass the First Step Act, 2018’s landmark legislation that The New York Times said would “deliver the most significant changes to our criminal justice system in a generation.”

The following year, Michael would help #cut50 continue their legislative success. In his role, he helped to oversee the passing of four pieces of legislation that were part of the Dignity for Incarcerated Women’s Campaign and would assist in authoring SB 394 (Skinner), California’s Primary Caretakers Act of 2019 which Governor Newsome signed into law.

In addition to his work on criminal justice reform. Michael was a 2020 New Leaders Council (NLC) Institute Fellow and now sits on the NLC LA Governing Board.

Michael’s concentration is on racial inequality within the criminal justice system and believes no issue can be solved without fixing the racial injustice that originated from slavery. Michael’s efforts to reform the system through advocacy and bipartisan strategy is made clear through his media commentary and opinion pieces as a contributor for USA Today.