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“The great lie at the heart of the criminal justice system”

"When Robin Steinberg and David Feige were public defenders in New York, they saw thousands of clients — often poor people of color — stuck in jail because they couldn't make bail for minor offenses. They started the Bronx Freedom Fund to pay that bail and help people stay in their jobs and with their families while awaiting their day in court. Now they're going national..."

Ending Mass Incarceration Could Be As Simple As Ending Cash Bail

"And while the underlying causes of mass incarceration are complex and oft-debated — ranging from policing practices to laws that disproportionately target minorities — Steinberg believes there's a simple solution to drastically reducing the number of people in prison: end cash bail."

Legislation Alone Won’t Decarcerate America, Warn Advocates

“It’s going to involve litigation, it’s going to involve organizing, it’s going to involve academia, (and) it’s going to involve elevating and honoring the voices and efforts of those who are most impacted by the system,” says Robin Steinberg, a co-founder of the Bronx Freedom Fund, which has been a prominent player in the movement for bail reform in New York City.

‘The Bail Project’ To Launch First Kentucky Site In Louisville

"Thomas Harvey is national director of strategic partnerships and advocacy for the Bail Project. He said they chose to launch in Louisville because of its incarceration and pretrial detention rates. Harvey said the project’s goal is to help people deemed eligible for release but unable to pay bond, and to use data to learn how people are incarcerated."

In the fight against bail, a new group brings resources

“I became unemployed. I became homeless. My children were sent with my family so they could watch them while I was incarcerated,” Borden said. “If I was bailed out the next day, I wouldn’t have lost my job. I would have been able to pay my rent. And my children would have still been at home. I would have continued on with my life as normal as I possibly could have, still dealing with the case.”