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“America’s Other Family Separation Crisis”

"Children with incarcerated mothers are five times more likely to end up in foster care than those with incarcerated fathers are; once they enter the foster system, the state can terminate parental rights in less than two years. In Oklahoma, this timeline is accelerated for kids under the age of four. As a result, mothers have an incentive to plead guilty, even to crimes that they didn’t commit, when they can’t afford bail. It’s often the fastest way to get released."

This bail fund is trying to disrupt ‘a two-tier system of justice’

"We need to really ask ourselves, do we believe in the presumption of innocence, or don't we? If we believe in the presumption of innocence, then, when somebody is arrested, that presumption should wrap around them."

Replacing one bad bail system with another

Read our op-ed in The New York Times about what a just, racially equitable world after cash bail could look like – and how California’s "bail reform" appears to attack wealth-based detention, but fails to truly address mass incarceration and structural racism.

The Bail Project strives for cash bail to be ‘the exception, not the rule’ in St. Louis

"Milton hopes his team’s work will add momentum to a local criminal justice reform movement that has grown in recent years as activists who started organizing in Ferguson, after the police killed Michael Brown in 2014, continue to demand accountability and build political power. His goal is to try to reform the way stakeholders in the region’s criminal justice system view cash bail and pretrial detention."

The Bail Project on NBC Dateline

Watch the full episode of The Bail Project on NBC Dateline to get an intimate look into what the fight to end mass incarceration looks like on the ground.