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Press Contact: Jeremy Cherson, Director of Communications

Today, The Bail Project released the following statement in response to a Minnesota jury’s decision to convict Derek Chauvin on all charges in the killing of George Floyd.

“While nothing can bring back George Floyd or restore his family, we hope this is a turning point in our nation’s history where justice for all becomes a reality, where police are held accountable for criminal behavior and where Black communities are no longer the targets of state-sanctioned violence and hatred. At the heart of this injustice is not only the actions of one police officer but an entire system of policing that terrorizes and devalues the lives of Black and Brown people in America. George Floyd’s death catalyzed a long-overdue reckoning with our nation’s history of racial violence and the urgent need for police reform and accountability. Today’s decision cannot be the end of this important conversation. Rather, it is a ray of hope that we must cling onto as we continue fighting to dismantle systemic racism in our legal institutions and reimagine our criminal legal system from policing to bail and beyond.”

IMAGE: flickr Chad Davis CC BY-SA 2.0

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