TBP’s Senior Policy Counsel Nicole Zayas-Fortier and past intern Gabriel Henriquez write about the desperate need for bipartisan efforts to aid ongoing crisis in Michigan’s jails. If the proposed legislature were successful, jails would become less crowded and marginalized populations would be better protected.

Since launching in June 2018, the Bail Project in Detroit has bailed out almost 200 people, including 72 fathers. On June 15, this past Father’s Day, the Bail Project and Detroit Justice Center hosted a celebration with fathers who likely would have been incarcerated that day had they not received help posting bond.

Reflecting on her work, bail disruptor Asia Johnson said, “When I see clients like Chris and Abigail, I know that it is worth the fight. … The fact that they are here today and he’s celebrating being a father and I got to bring him back home to his family. It just means the world to me.”