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The Bail Project combats mass incarceration at the front end by paying bail for tens of thousands of low-income Americans at risk of pretrial detention.

From slavery to mass incarceration, American systems have conspired to control and incarcerate women and men from marginalized communities, particularly communities of color. Building on the tradition of churches and families pooling together resources to purchase the freedom of their loved ones, bail funds have long presented a pathway to freedom in this struggle. Our entree into this deep history came in the form of The Bronx Freedom Fund, a revolving bail fund that has been in operation since 2007. A decade later, The Bronx Freedom Fund remains a labor of love and solidarity. The Bail Project grows out of this work and our determination to help end mass incarceration and the racial disparities endemic to the American legal system.

The plan:

A five-year national expansion culminating in a network of 40 local teams working with partners in high-need jurisdictions to pay bail for over a thousand people per site per year.

The goal:

Over 160,000 people helped, making The Bail Project the largest non-governmental decarceration of Americans in history.

We have a seed fund to get us started, a passionate team, and a proven model. Now we need you to be a part of this unprecedented effort.

100% of your donation goes directly into our revolving bail fund, where it is used for the sole purpose of helping bring people home.