Travis Williams

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Travis Williams (he/his) is a Bail Disruptor in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Travis Williams is the epitome of changed behavior and positive thinking. As a returning citizen, Travis understands firsthand the challenges faced within the justice system and within the returning citizen community. While incarcerated, Travis embarked on a rigorous path of personal transformation. He believes that disruption is an essential starting point for solving complex problems. Using this belief, he actively participates in community development projects in the Charlotte area. He also serves as the Program Director of the ReEntry Entrepreneurship Program (REEP), a program that helps the formerly incarcerated start their own businesses.

As a self-taught Spanish speaker, Travis understands the importance of forgetting everything that you know (or think you know) when exploring new ideas. He is an avid reader, and his favorite authors include Michelle Alexander, Napoleon Hill, and Robert Green.

A native of Kannapolis, NC, Travis is a Business Economics major who plans to use his degree to empower the disenfranchised community while providing innovative strategies to close the economic wealth gap.