Tito Velez

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Headshot Tito Velez

Tito Velez (he/him/his) is a Bail Disruptor in Orlando, Florida.

Tito was born and raised in Brooklyn, where he was introduced to community activism through his father’s work fighting for equal opportunities and inclusion within New York City’s public school system for people of color. He attended Long Island University and earned an undergraduate degree in Media Arts. After moving to Orlando, Tito attended Seminole State College and earned a degree in Legal Studies.

Before joining The Bail Project, Tito worked as an advocate for at-risk youth, helping people with disabilities find meaningful employment. He has also held positions in the music industry, Public Relations, and Advertising. He was also co-founder/owner of a successful trucking and logistics company.

Tito enjoys music production and provides DJ services for private and community events. In addition, he likes reading about America’s social justice pioneers and credits his Christian faith for instilling in him a servant’s heart. Tito has two fantastic adult children, Shamir and Cyre, and is married to Darlene, an entrepreneur in the beauty industry.