Savvy Shabazz

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Savvy Shabazz is a Bail Disruptor in Louisville, Kentucky.

Before joining The Bail Project, Mr. Shabazz was the Assistant Director of Student Success and Community Engagement with the 15K Rise Together Initiative at Jefferson Community and Technical College. He also did case management work with Reimage, a youth career center where he provided links to training and employment to justice-impacted young adults ages 18 to 24, and was a lead organizer for Zones of Hope at the Louisville Urban League, where he worked to prove the livelihoods and outcomes for young Black men and boys between the ages of 16-27. He did this work as part of a large team effort in the communities he worked and through partnerships with other organizations throughout Louisville. He is the acting president of All of Us or None Louisville, a 2018 NMe Genius Fellow, and a member of the 2019 Community Justice Action Fund Speakers Bureau and the Mass Story Lab Speakers Bureau. After Mr. Shabazz was sentenced to a total of 28 years in prison for drug offenses, he dedicated himself to standing on “Life Coach…Each One, Teach One Reentry Fellowship,” which will bring awareness and prevention to the 3 P’s (Prison, Probation, and Parole). He states, “My life has transformed and come into full bloom. My life today is in full stride due to my large dose of humanity. Seeds of self-destruction and hatred that were planted long before developed into seeds of strength and determination along the journey. Out of this struggle, I have been born, and through this struggle, I am becoming complete.”