Megan Diebboll

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Megan Diebboll is a Bail Disruptor in Detroit, Michigan.

Prior to joining TBP, Megan worked for the University of Michigan’s Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP), where she led creative writing classes in local prisons, assisted in program development, and worked as a re-entry social worker. During her time with PCAP, she worked with a team to create the first ever podcast —While We Were Away — to provide support to those coming home and to serve as an educational tool. Megan served as a research assistant for the Michigan Action Plan for Father Involvement, where she addressed the barriers fathers face while incarcerated and ways to improve services for the fathers. While living in Georgia, Megan worked as a Child Advocate for children in the foster care system and volunteered with the Athens Immigration Rights Coalition.

Megan has a MSW from the University of Michigan and a BSW from the University of Georgia.