Lensa Odima-Warden

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Lensa Odima-Warden is a Bail Disruptor in Northwest Arkansas.

Lensa is a native of Kenya who moved to Houston, Texas at 9 years old. She majored in Criminal Justice, Political Science and Spanish at the University of Arkansas. After completion of her undergraduate studies, Lensa obtained her J.D. from the University of Arkansas School of Law. Since graduating from law school, Lensa has served the legal needs of underserved populations in various roles. She has also helped train Judges on the laws and dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault through her work as the Domestic Violence Program Coordinator for the Arkansas Supreme Court. Lensa has a heart for people and believes in the value of every human being. She is committed to ending cyclical incarceration and preserving the presumption of innocence. In her free time, Lensa loves to eat cake and hang out with her husband, three daughters and two yorkies.