Karima McCree-Wilson

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Headshot Karima McCree-Wilson

Karima McCree-Wilson (she/her) is a Bail Disruptor in Cleveland, Ohio.

Karima is an advocate, with almost 15 years of experience working in public systems and non-profit organizations. Prior to joining The Bail Project, she worked in reentry, child welfare, education, mental health, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, criminal justice, and youth workforce development. Most recently, she worked to connect low income and first-generation middle and high school students with opportunities for higher education.

Karima graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Criminology and a passion for serving justice-impacted individuals in her community. Her diverse work experience has shown her how systems perpetuate the disparate treatment of poor and Black people in her community. Her recent personal experience as a justice-involved individual has given her a fresh perspective about the devastating consequences stemming from any involvement in the criminal justice system, further igniting her passion to work to reform those systems that contribute to the marginalization of people in her community and the criminalization of poverty.

In her free time, Karima enjoys traveling, fitness, yoga, and reading.