Candice Ibaceta

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Candice Ibaceta is a Client Support Specialist in Chicago, Illinois.

Candice has a long history of developing and implementing successful programs, an extensive background working with stakeholders, and a deep commitment to human rights and social justice. Her family’s forced exile from their home country due to Chile’s military dictatorship led her to conduct a one-year stint researching human rights violations at the Museum of Human Rights in Chile. Candice’s zeal for serving underrepresented groups has been demonstrated by over 17 years of progressive experience training and working with diverse populations such as immigrant communities and survivors of torture. In previous roles, her focus has been on creating partnerships with community organizations and elected officials as well as creating a culture of advocacy within the workplace and community. She holds a Master of Arts in Political and Social Justice. Candice wants to play vital role in addressing the inherent racist and classist inequalities that exist in the criminal justice system, which in turn will help combat mass incarceration. She is a firm believer that it takes a collaborative effort to break down walls and build bridges to connect them. Candice loves to Karaoke, attend cultural events, turquoise is her favorite color and music fills her soul.