Becky Corbin

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Becky Corbin is a Bail Disruptor in Tulsa, OK.

Prior to joining TBP, Becky spent two years working in Oklahoma City as a Program Manager for a local nonprofit, where she connected young adults aging out of foster care with comprehensive services and mentors from the local community. Through relationships formed within her professional work and various volunteer positions, she cultivated a desire to interrupt the cycles which harm those struggling with systemic disadvantages. Becky attended Oklahoma State University, where she earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Applied Sociology/Social Services and Spanish. As an undergraduate student, she helped manage a nonprofit coffee shop, worked as an intern for an orphanage along the northern border of Mexico, and completed an honors thesis titled Volunteerism and Food Insecurity in a College Town. Becky loves reading, writing, attending concerts, and exploring local coffee shops.