Alex Zambrano

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Alex Zambrano Headshot

Alex Zambrano is an Operations Manager in Phoenix, Arizona.

Prior to joining TBP, Alex worked for the fifth-largest jail system in the United States as a Community Transition Planner. Alex provided re-entry social services and connected special, at-risk populations (pregnant women, veterans, individuals with high medical needs, individuals with opioid use disorders, etc.) to much needed services that helped reduce recidivism. Alex spent several years working for a statewide nonprofit organization as a High Needs Case Manager, serving youth and families with mental health disorders and developmental disabilities. Alex’s caseload consisted primarily of transition-age youth, particularly those who were justice involved. Within a few months of serving this organization, Alex’s leadership opportunities were expanded to help others improve compliance and performance.

Alex holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology, along with a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Alex’s greatest strength and source of inspiration is his family, and he aims to help contribute to long-lasting social and legal change within the criminal legal system.