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Today, The Bail Project announced the appointment of Erin George as its new National Director of Policy.
“We are excited to welcome Erin George to The Bail Project. Over the past five years, through our direct services in more than two dozen jurisdictions across America, we have built a powerful body of evidence that cash bail is not necessary. We have also begun codifying a model of community release that offers a viable alternative to cash bail,” said The Bail Project’s CEO Robin Steinberg.

The Bail Project opposes the use of pretrial algorithms to help decide whether an individual is incarcerated pretrial. Together, with data scientists and legal scholars, we argue that pretrial algorithms, also known as risk assessment tools, disproportionately harm people of color, oversimplify complex individual and case outcomes, undermine standards of procedural justice, and rely on data that is inaccurate, outdated, and unreliable.

People who leave Cook County Jail on individual-recognizance bonds can be connected to affordable housing through a partnership announced today by the Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund, The Bail Project and Lawndale Christian Legal Center.