Jeremy Cherson

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Jeremy Cherson (he/him/his) is the Director of Communications and Publications at The Bail Project.

Jeremy is a neighborhood safety strategist with a decade of experience in community-based research, government operations, project management, and program design and evaluation. Before joining TBP, Jeremy served in several roles within the New York City Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice. Most recently, Jeremy was the Director of Operations for the Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety, a citywide multi-agency, multi-disciplinary community safety intervention grounded in the principles of participatory justice that seeks to create new mechanisms for public housing residents to work with government agencies to establish common goals and implement actions that increase opportunity, well-being, racial equity and justice within some of New York City’s most vulnerable communities. He also led the DOJ-funded Smart Defense Initiative in New York City, which sought to improve the administration and oversight of New York City’s Assigned Counsel Plan. During his time at the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, Jeremy led office wide efforts to implement project management best practices, developing key performance indicators and improving the way the office executed its projects and conducted its procurement operations. Before shifting his career to focus on public service, Jeremy held several jobs in film production and distribution. Jeremy received a Bachelor of Science in Film and Television from Boston University and a Master of Public Administration in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy from New York University.