Cierra Oliveira

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headshot Cierra Oliveira

Cierra Oliveira (she/her) is a Research Scientist at The Bail Project.

Before starting her current role, Cierra served as a Data Intern with the Data Team at TBP and as an Intern with the Data Science for Public Good program at the University of Virginia.

Cierra recently graduated from Clemson University with a B.A. in Computer Science and minor in Political Science, where she researched the effects of political extremism on social media. She also participated in a research team focused on immigration, refuge, mutual aid, and the true meaning of welcome. While Cierra has a background in computing, she is passionate about the intersection of data and justice. She is invested in the power data has to inform public policy, end mass incarceration, and build life-affirming institutions.

In her spare time, you might find her reading, running, or cooking with friends.