Legal and Policy

Cash bail is an entrenched part of the criminal legal system. It enables prosecutors to coerce guilty pleas and discriminate. Fines and fees deducted from bail often supplement municipal budgets. And the $2 billion bail bond industry, backed by large insurance companies, uses its influence to preserve the status quo. To drive momentum for change and take on these entrenched interests, The Bail Project’s Policy Team works at the federal, state, and local levels to amplify calls for bail reform, counter the influence of entrenched interests, and equip decision-makers with evidence.

Our efforts to enact systemic change include program and policy design, community education, and engagement with lawmakers and system actors. Learn more about our vision for policy change here.

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Kanya Bennett

Senior Policy Counsel & Legislative Coalition Manager

Twyla Carter

National Director of Legal and Policy

Jeremy Cherson

Senior Policy Advisor

Devi Davis

Community Advocacy and Partnership Manager


Nicole Zayas Fortier

Senior Policy Counsel

Headshot for Claire Mauksch

Claire Mauksch

Staff Attorney

Katie Poor

Supervising Attorney

Shameka Parrish Wright

Community Advocacy and Partnership Manager

Kentucky & Ohio

Shayla Wilson

Policy Analyst