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Thanks to a partnership between Lyft and #cut50, The Bail Project’s team in St. Louis has received dozens of promotional codes from the rideshare company. Our clients are using them to attend court hearings and access critical social services.

In St. Louis and across the United States, public transit options are limited, creating major hindrances for people out on pretrial release to meet court obligations and maintain consistent employment.

“In our work, we find that transportation is one of the biggest issues people are facing,” said Abree Dominguez, a communications associate for #cut50. “The average person doesn’t have that understanding.”

The gift is part of a broader effort by the two organizations to provide transportation assistance to the formerly incarcerated and people out on pretrial release, particularly as they search for jobs. #cut50 has since disbursed the promotional codes among various national and regional organizations, including The Bail Project.

More than 20 of our St. Louis clients have received free rides through the promotional codes.

“We weren’t just able to help with rides to court,” said Mike Milton, site manager of our St. Louis team, “but also we also helped clients get to service providers for additional help.”


From Pilar Weiss, Director of Community Justice Exchange: We are at a crossroads where campaigns to end money bail and pretrial incarceration must also contend with the broad and insidious introduction of risk assessment tools (RATs) as one of the “replacement” interventions the system wants to claim as “reform.” We created this guide for organizers contending with this tension — how to engage with risk assessment tools in their work to end pretrial incarceration and mass supervision.