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Author: Oregon Public Broadcasting

The Bail Project / Articles posted by SLSoper (Page 3)

At least 70 percent of these people were awaiting trialThese jail deaths are preventable, too, as the leading cause of death is suicide. A patchwork of reporting systems has left jail deaths underreported and jail administrators unaccountable. Additionally, it’s getting worse: over the past 10 years, jail deaths have consistently increased in Oregon and Washington. 

Summarized by Jacob Koffler

But The Marshall Project reports that the new law, by not paying adequate attention to implementation, will be extremely difficult to see through, and goes to show that when it comes to data collection, as with all other criminal justice reforms, the devil’s in the details:

Court clerks bear the burden of the new reporting requirements. Lawmakers did not allocate money for the courts or other agencies to hire data analysts or upgrade computer systems…Police departments across the state use different forms, and the new law does not require departments to adopt a single document.

Florida has one of the largest prison systems in the country, with approximately 100,000 people incarcerated at any given time – which is to say, if Florida can figure this out, most any state can.

Summarized by Lillian Kalish